Developing & Growing the Athlete, the Person, the Professional

Each of our companies contribute in it’s area of expertise to achieve the greater GSMEG vision.


  • To be a leader in the development of elite athlete training.
  • To continue to develop sports at a grass roots and community level
  • To proactively pursue new and innovative training methodologies at all times.
  • Always maintain our commitment to long term coach development.
  • To perform all activities in a professional manner to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
  • To manage Health, Safety and Environment Protection requirements effectively.
  • Maintain effective and efficient organisation through a dedicated and motivated workforce.
  • Provide to the shareholders a good return on their investment.

GSMEG aim to be at the forefront of the athletic development industry over the next 20 years and beyond.

We will achieve this by continuing our focus on:

  • Research and development into athletic performance and the development of athletic talent.
  • Development of a highly professional core training team, with in depth knowledge of their specific fields.
  • Continuous development of our coaches, researchers, management, staff and support teams.
  • We at GSMEG live and work by our ethos;
    • “Dreams are the seeds of reality, consistency is the route to success.”
  • We believe in professionalism at all times, and positive whole person development for everyone.
  • We understand that there are no shortcuts in sport.

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