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Consistent approach to player development

Hellenic Football club recognise the importance of having a consistent approach to player development and placed 14 of their junior coaches on a two day SAQ fundamental movement course.

Held at the ADC and run by Lee-Ann Dawson the course will help develop consistency as players move from age group to age group starting at Under11.

See the feedback below:

The courses were very educational but enjoyable! I have learned a lot in those 2 days and everything can be implemented in a very positive way in order to help the youngsters to develop properly! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to go on that 1st course and hope there will be more in future like this. Thanks again

– Mario Avontuur

Besides taking a complete pounding on all fronts and the fact that my 55 year old legs no longer exist, I thought it was extremely enjoyable. I have spent many years taking my boys through various agility exercise and now understanding the mechanics it put a complete new perspective on what we do. Already I can see the difference (in myself) whereby I can now correct the small mistakes the guys are doing. My focus is more on the individual rather than the group. I didn’t realise by correcting the running technic can make such a difference. I have already started implementing changes to my warm-up to include lots of the technic shown. Can’t wait for the next course (hope there is one). Big thank you to Lee-Ann, well presented and well drilled.

– Gary Newins

I enjoyed the two days spent at the ADC building . All the practical work really help with understanding the drills and getting to know how session should be done , The right amount of information was given out for us to take something away from the two days . The drills that we did, I find if done right it can get your athlete to train at a high level but also keeping the fun element there which does keep them wanting to train more . I saw the advantages in the training method especially for people who battle with certain movements how they progressed over time and for children at a young age to start learning the right techniques will only give them better opportunity in the sport they are in. Thank you again for opportunity.

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